The Village Green Café is just one more creation in Nick’s varied career. After leaving law school and graduate school, he entered the field of broadcast journalism. Working for CBS News in New York and at local stations in the Midwest, he became a TV anchorman, also hosting FACE MICHIGAN, a Sunday morning news program.

Using his experience in broadcasting, Nick started his own company producing multimedia for corporate clients. He wrote and created audio-visual programs for such companies as the American Medical Association, Equitable Life, Parent’s Magazine, Holt Rhinehart and Winston and Current Affairs Films.

When personal computers started to appear, he taught himself computer programming and developed a line of educational software for the elementary school market. Nick’s company, Orange Cherry Software would grow to become a leading publisher, offering over 400 programs and being purchased by nearly every school district on the US.

After 25 years, Nick sold his company to a larger, publically-traded corporation in 2000. This left Nick with an empty building of 14,000 square feet that had been Orange Cherry’s headquarters. With 27 trades and Nick as the general contractor, he completely renovated the space, turning it into a shopping plaza. In addition to office suites, the building had an Italian restaurant, a nail salon & spa, florist, women’s gym, art gallery/frame shop and a Ballet School.

After selling the building, Nick and his family moved to Plymouth, New Hampshire. This gave Nick an opportunity to begin writing a book and concentrate on his painting. In 2004, he published Van Gogh in Paris, a historical novel that was well received by Amazon and received the Editor’s Choice Award.

At this time Nick maintained an apartment in New York City. Here, he attended the Art Student’s League on 57th Street. Life/Portrait Classes in the evenings and days in Central Park enabled Nick to develop his painting skills. His paintings have been purchased by distinguished families in the Lakes region, Boston, Portland and New York.

In 2005, Nick and his family moved to Sandwich and opened an Art Galley in their barn. This lasted for two summers and Nick started to look around for a space to sell his art. In 2016, Nick and Elaine Vazzana purchased Village Green Café and Market.